UX Case Study

Case Study for UX Testing

Design and Development of an informational website about User Testing



Individuals who are new to user testing may not understand the varying results they receive from different type of user testing. Organizing methods by attitudinal vs behavioral can help guide users towards the most effective type of testing to run.


  1. Guide users to a method of testing that will produce results congruent to the information they are seeking.
  2. Clarify the difference between attitudinal based testing and behavioral based testing.
  3. Be a credible and reliable resource for user testing and provide valuable related external resources.

The inspiration from this project arose from a friend mentioning that the google survey she gave to some of her users didn’t give her much information about the usability of her site, as most respondents focused on the aesthetics of her site.


Brainstorming the type of users who would find this informational site valuable, I designed two personas, one of which is based off of an actual individual who inspired the creating of the site and the other an individual based in part off myself, someone interested in user testing  to improve business goals.

Information Architecture

Categorizing the testing methods as either attitudinally based, behaviorally based or a hybrid of both, I included an explanation of what each type meant and what kind of results could be expected from that type of testing. Clicking on any category brings the user to that category, so in the case that an individual knows what type of testing method they would like to use, they can quickly access their options.

Quiz Feature

If a user is unsure of what type of testing they require, I wanted to give them a second option of discovery. I created this quiz, prototyped in JavaScript to guide a user to the proper testing methods based on their responses to related questions. I created a series of six true or false questions, and assigned a numerical value to each of the responses. Based on their answers, upon submission, they would be led to the category where they would find the best type of testing for their project.

Design Considerations
  1. Simple, minimalist
  2. Content / Information focused
  3. Images to help tell a story
This website was built to fulfill a project in a server side scripting course utilizing PHP and databases. Design consideration would have been more explored had time permitted, however development had to be prioritized in this case. I am currently implementing this informational mini-site into a larger website.