Photo Digital Imaging Portfolio

Case Study for the Photo Digital Imaging Portfolio

Product Owner for the design and development of the 2018 graduating class portfolio website.



Past MCTC Photo Digital Imaging Photo Show portfolio websites received feedback of appearing outdated, difficult for users to navigate, and lacked the wow factor that the graduating class wanted to showcase their photography. 

  1. Provide time, date, location and other details of the 2018 MCTC Photo Show.
  2. Showcase the Photo Digital Imaging graduating students’ work to fully accentuate the quality of their photographs and direct visitors to the photographer’s personal social media
  3. Act as an archive of past shows graduating classes and the MCTC Photo Shows.

Appointed as the product owner for this project, I worked with the client to learn about their needs and led my web design team to create a reasonable scope for this web project.

Project Charter

After meeting with my client and asking them prepared questions about what they wanted in terms of functionalities, features and content, I outlined a project charter, stating our goals, accessibility requirements, some strategies and a time line for deliverables.


Using an Agile development environment, I was the primary liaison between the client and my web team, often requiring that I find a compromise between the two. I organized tasks in a Trello board, including relevant attachments, links and comments made by the client on the individual task cards so all of the pertinent information was in one place for the whole team

Observational User Tasks

The 2018 PHDI graduating class was displeased by the previous year’s design, and so in order to remove the frustrations they felt, I asked classmates and friends to test the website and I observed what they did. I would ask them to perform tasks such as

  • Find the date and location for the 2018 MCTC Photo Show.
  • Locate the personal page of your favorite photographer.
  • Navigate to the 2016 MCTC Photo Show website.

Observing where their mouse travelled, listening to what they said and watching their body language gave me insight about what was working in the design and what simply wasn’t. By having individuals test my site through these tasks in multiple iterations, I could identify stuck-points throughout the whole design and development process.

Social Media Tiles

Examining the main users of past MCTC photo shows and seeing that most were of the student demographic, I deduced that most traffic is from the student photographers themselves, along with the friends and family who see the site when shared on social media. Sharing on media is the primary way in which the PHDI graduating class marketed for their show, and so it was important that when they shared the link on their media, it looked inviting, professional and well done. I branched the project and developed the code for custom tiles that would have the information for the website presented in a formatted way when shared on social media.


The MCTC PHDI graduating class of 2018 were pleased with the design of their portfolio website as they felt it captured their goals and accentuated their work. Furthermore, features they requested such as a slider and masonry style tiles were able to be developed and implemented. The full website can be found here.