Chill Playlists to Enhance Focus

It’s hard to explain how the right music has changed my working habits. I find it important to have a balance between staying motivated by my music without getting distracted. I definitely enjoy  my “sing in the car” playlists and other upbeat workout collections, but when I’m working or coding I am more productive working in a relaxed atmosphere – focused and concentrated. Below are a few playlists I have discovered to inspire productivity.

Space Trip
Synthwave music was popular in the 80’s, but is being remixed and currently experiencing a resurgence. This genre of music is often referred to as chillwave, vaporwave, retrowave or cybersynth. Aesthenic has a few other ones on this list and is one of my favorite mixers.
Study ~ Work ~ Game

Ok, so I am going to be totally shameless here and recommend my own Spotify Playlist. This is a collection of my music that I find easy to listen to while concentrating, helping me relax while staying focused. Some of it is a little weird, but I’d encourage you to explore and find what you personally like. There are quite a few to experiment with, over 400 to be exact! Start at the top if you’d like my personal favorites.

Lofi hip hop radio

This playlist is great because it is always fresh, full of new songs and beats to get hooked on. When I feel like my favorite playlists are getting overused, this channel lets me discover songs to add variety into the mix.

Space Trip II

It’s another Aesthenic playlist, but they produce really amazing mixes. This playlist is perfect if you liked the first Space Trip and want more of a similar sound.

Mellow Beats

This playlist is Spotify crafted and contains a lot of songs that I would consider low-fi hip hop. A very chill tempo, this playlist I find extra satisfying on a rainy or snowy day.

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