About Me

My name is Hilary and I’m currently based out of the fresh air of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I’m interested in human behavior, introspection and design which culminated in the form of this website.


I have a passion for information architecture and user experience because I love both technology and understanding how people work. Ultra Fine Point is my studio, laboratory and pet project, acting as a way to share ideas and experiment with web design.

Within this website, there will be a few themes that are prevalent.




Part of a lifestyle that strongly contributes to personal health, thriving environments and ethics, most of the recipes we share will be plant based, meaning vegan or vegetarian. My sisters I have enjoyed freshly hunted meat for most of our lives, however as we got older the need to take preventative measures for potential genetic health problems became very relevant and we started to cut animal products out of our diets.

Transitioning to a more plant based diet means we have to convert our favorite meat based recipes to a version without meat or sometimes without any animal products at all.  What we’ve discovered is that the words vegetarian and vegan don’t have to equate to salad and raw celery. It was important that we could still enjoy many of the same flavors and culinary variety as we became plant based.


Explore these new recipes with us and leave comments on what you think!


Balanced, mindful and glowing is how we describe the lifestyle I’m trying to live. I will be the first to admit that my life has felt chaotic at times and learning to take those times in stride has taken a lot of exploration into different religions, philosophies and psychology. What makes the most sense to me is a life centralized around being mindful of the present moment and maintaining flexibility, while providing empathy and passion for the world.

It’s always seemed to me that people who are truly happy in multiple facets of their life and have a healthy physical, emotional and social lifestyle have a glow that radiates from them which inspired use of the word glow. Borrowing ideas from Zen, Christianity, Islam, philosophers, academics and psychological studies, glowing posts are meant to inspire a positive perspective.